Inspirational News

  • I Choose to see the good.

    The key to happiness is knowing, you ALWAYS have a choice  I choose to see the good.
  • My Mother's Fault

    Many years ago, my husband and I took a giant leap in our lives and made the decision to open our hearts and our home to children. We became foster...
  • Let Everyday Be Daisy Day

    Today is the end of the days of my past and the beginning of the days that still lay ahead. This last weekend a door was opened and a new dream w...
  • "Tell Your Heart to Beat Again"

    Tell your heart to beat again. Close your eyes and breathe it in. Let the shadows fall away. Step into the light of grace. Yesterday's a closing door. You don't live there anymore. Say goodbye to where you've been. And tell your heart to beat again.”
  • A Focused View

    A couple of nights ago, I was working on an image for a t-shirt I was designing. The image was of a Class C motorhome for our iChoose to Live, camp...
  • I Choose to Live!

    "Though the water's of life continue to rise, I choose to live and not just survive!" ~ Common Connection
  • My Grandma's House - In the Eyes of a Child

    I ran across some poems I wrote many years ago. Some of them brought tears to my eyes and others caused my heart to laugh, but everyone of them cam...
  • When You Feel Like Crying... Learn to Laugh.

    Note from the founder of Common Connection: The past few years have been quit an interesting roller coaster ride for me and my family. It seems li...