A Focused View

A couple of nights ago, I was working on an image for a t-shirt I was designing. The image was of a Class C motorhome for our iChoose to Live, campers & canoes shirts. I was having a difficult time getting the bumper to look the way I thought it should. I messed with it (redrawing it several times) way into the middle of the night. Nothing I did seemed to look quite right. About 12:00-1:00 in the morning I finally called it a night and went to bed. The next morning I got up determined to get that bumper right and finish my drawing. When I opened the file on my laptop I was amazed at how really good the motorhome actually looked. Without even realizing it, I had been drawing all the other aspects of the camper while trying to figure out how to fix the bumper. I tweaked a few things here and there to complete the overall design and called it done. The motorhome, bumper and all, had turned out great!

Later that morning, I was reflected back on the whole frustrating ordeal of struggling with that one little detail in the drawing. In that moment I had a realization, I was so focused on the bumper, and how horrible it looked, I didn’t even notice how beautifully the rest of the camper was coming together around it.

I thought back to the last several weeks of working on our 31’ Holiday Rambler camper. We have been fighting, what feels like, a never ending battle of a leak that won’t go away. We have resealed windows, caulked seams like crazy, plugged, patched, and rigged everything possible and we still can’t stop the water from seeping in. Like the drawing of the Class C motorhome, I had become so focused on this one problem I didn’t even see the many wonderful things we have done, like the elegantly laid laminate flooring or skillfully hung paneling walls. I had forgotten about all the leaks in the roof that we have managed to stop or the tree sap and mold that have been removed from the exterior; the window that is no longer missing the glass, and the sub-floors that are now structurally sound.

As I pondered over these accomplishments and struggles of the last several days, it dawned on me, this little drawing of the “difficult to make” bumper, is a lot like life. When we face challenges or trials, whatever they may be, our view becomes focused. We tend to look at our experiences through a microscope and only see the one little segment that is right in front of us. Somehow, we totally miss, amidst the chaos; our life is falling into place around us, but the day will come when we are able to lift our heads and view our world without the constraints of a focused lens.

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