I Choose to see the good.

I ALWAYS have a choice, and I choose to see the good.

This last year has probably been one of the most difficult years of my life. With all the throat, neck, and face swelling, never ending infections, intense head, neck & throat pain, ER visits, doctor appointments, ambulance rides, and most of the time with my husband an hour away and not being able to be there.

So we bought this little 15' camper in hopes that we could spend time together this summer and get some long over do rest. Well that didn't go as planned, I am extremely allergic to something inside the camper. So instead of resting, I have cleaned, painted, re-upholstered, and sealed everything imaginable on this camper. No luck. I have spent the week wearing a mask anytime I am near it.

Last night we lost the mask. 😲 so I had to make a bed in the backseat of our truck. But I am bound and determined to find something positive about this so hear goes...

I am thankful I am short! Because the truck seat was just my size. If we made a little foam mattress or had a few sleeping bags it actually isn't to bad.

I am also thankful it is cool outside and not scorching hot lol.

And I am thankful that sleeping in a car is a choice and not a necessity. I do have a home to go back to. I will have food this morning, this afternoon and tonight, even if I have to drive a ways to find something safe for me to eat. :)

~ Shelly Test
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