Let Everyday Be Daisy Day

Fleetwood Prowler Camper - Daisy

Today is the end of the days of my past and the beginning of the days that still lay ahead. This last weekend a door was opened and a new dream was laid before me. My husband and I had the opportunity to purchase a 15’ Fleetwood Prowler. It happened so quickly and the amazing way it all fell into place still leaves me speechless. My husband and I have been working diligently, night and day, to repair our treasured Holiday Rambler in hopes that she would be our new home away from home for the summer. As the last days before summer break quickly fell upon on us we were faced with the saddened truth we were not going to get her done before the last days of school were over. At first we were disheartened, there seemed to be no answer to our problem, but then, in what some people might call a fluke chance of surfing the web, we stumbled across this little beauty. The price was right and everything just fell into place. I brought her home without my husband even laying eyes on her. We were nervous but exacted that, once again, God had reached far beyond our own human limitations and made a way for what was His plan all along.

As I stood in the DMV waiting to apply for our new title and purchase the tags, I thought about our little camper, the miraculous way we obtained her, the new life that has just been laid before us and the freedom that she would offer. It suddenly occurred to me, “she needs a name.” Being the smallest of all the trailers we own, I found myself calling her “the baby”, but it wasn’t enough. I wanted a name that would always remind me of everything this little camper would provide to me and my family. As I stood there thinking to myself, it fell out of the sky, “Baby Daisy”. My heart filled with joy as a mist of tears touched my eyes. It was perfect.

My mind raced back to the moment I first heard the story about the daisies and the mist of tears turned to rain. It was at the funeral of my Grandma’s younger sister and my Great Aunt Coney. I have many fond memories of her and the times we spent at her house. She was an amazing woman and a wonderful aunt. I remembered, as she lay lifeless in her casket, pinned to her blouse was a little corsage of daisy’s and the hand written words "its Daisy Day in Heaven". My grandma’s favorite flower has always been the daisy so I knew the corsage had to be from her. I asked her what it meant. Through her tears of grief and happiness, she told me about her childhood. When she was just a child her family would visit the graves of the generations gone before. My grandma and her siblings would run through the fields gathering up daisies by the bushels. Her father would pluck the flower off the stems and spell the name or title on the loved ones grave. As my grandma continued she explained, her and her siblings were too young to understand the loss and they never saw this as a sad occasion, it was a celebration. It even had a name, it was called Daisy Day. To me, those little words, hand written on a card and carefully secured to a corsage of daisy’s, meant that, though my Great Aunts life was done here on earth, her new life in heaven had just begun and it was Daisy Day!

The name, “Baby Daisy”, was perfect! And soon she will display the words “Let EVERYDAY be Daisy Day.”  In hopes that she will be an inspiration to the world to let everyday be a new beginning.

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