My Grandma's House - In the Eyes of a Child

I ran across some poems I wrote many years ago. Some of them brought tears to my eyes and others caused my heart to laugh, but everyone of them came attached with a memory and an inspiration, to continue moving forward. This one was created for my Grandma Shirley, it was written from the perspective of one of my daughters, when she was just a little girl.

My Grandma's House - In the Eyes of a Child

Oh, how I loved to go to Grandma’s
when I was just a kid
I loved to see my Grandma
and all the fun things that I did

Like running in the back yard,
and the garage where Grandpa played
And jumping on the bed
in the bedroom where I laid

Grandma always had a room
full of things that she called junk,
To me these things were treasures
and should be safely in a trunk

She had a “hare-loom” chest
in the bedroom where I stayed
She said she kept her “memories” there,
in case her mind should fade

There were lots of things inside
like blankets, clothes and such,
So that is where I put my treasures
and boy were there a bunch!

Grandma never seemed to mind
when my toys I left astray
stringing up and down the hall
and in the bedroom disarray.

Grandma’s house had many features
like a porch, a garage a shed.
And each of them was painted
a nicely shade of red

But this often makes me wonder
about Grandma’s home you see
Why is that she has a barn
and not a house like you and me?

She never had an animal,
not a chicken, cow or horse
My Grandpa had a tractor
but it never moved of course.

So I’ve never understood it
nd I guess I never will
But she must really like her barn
because she lives there still.

by: Shelly Test
in the words of my daughter,


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