I Choose to Live!

For those of you who have read my last blog, follow my personal Facebook page or seen my posts in the different support groups on Facebook, you already know, the last couple weeks have not been that great. I have had ups and downs of feeling good and then feeling sick, being happy and then total despair. Some days I think my life is like Swiss cheese, all the holes are the days I'm in bed sick or I'm a walking diphenhydramine zombie.

During these times of weakness, frustration and pain, I sometimes forget to remember, I still have things to be thankful for. I have a family and I'm not totally alone, I live in a house and not on the streets, I have church family in a country were it is still legal, and  most importantly, I am loved by a God who is faithful and never gives up on me, even when I feel alone. It is also during these moments that I forget, no matter what is happening in my life, I STILL HAVE A CHOICE! I can choose to give into the illness, the anger, the depression, the despair or I can choose to have joy, to laugh, to believe, to have hope and to LIVE, not just exist!

"Though the water's of life continue to rise, I choose to live and not just survive!" ~ Common Connection

We choose to live, when, no matter what is going on around us, we find the one thing in our life that makes our heart sing, and we do it!

For me, my heart sings at the sight of an old 1985 Holiday Rambler. She was once owned and cherished by my grandparents and she holds many fond memories of days gone by. When I look at her I remember the days in Branson where my grandparents stayed. I remember the smell of white oak strips that my grandpa used to make baskets with and the site of him standing on the porch of his shop at Coffelts with a smile on his face and a basket in his hands. I remember my grandma in her prairie girl attire as she headed out to work at Silver Dollar City, the walks around Mutton Hollow and trips to all the malls and shops on our endless search of bears for her beanie baby collection.  All of these memories  lift my heart and remind me, even though there has been bad times, my life has still been full of good ones!

 This is my "Happy Place" were my heart will always sing!

My grandma recently made the decision to give me this old camper. My grandpa has been gone for many years, and her time of living in Branson has been long gone. After a very short time of deliberation my husband and I have decided to keep her, do the much needed repairs and renovations and make her our own instead of purchasing a new one. 

You are welcome to follow us as we step out into this new adventure of camper renovation and repair and learning the ways of camper living. I will continue to post updates and pictures as we go along. 

My new motto.

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