When You Feel Like Crying... Learn to Laugh.

Note from the founder of Common Connection:
The past few years have been quit an interesting roller coaster ride for me and my family. It seems like it has been a continual, spiraling battle of one intensive medical issue after another. We have fought through unknown food allergies, surgeries, infections, intense pain, swelling and so much more!! It has been quit a trying adventure for all of us to say the least. We have had good days, bad days and days in between. We have screamed, cried, held on to each other and some days just wanted to hide. But through it all, I must say, We have learned countless valuable lessons. We have learned how to lean on each other, when there is nothing left to hold us up. We have learned how to continue praying when there are no words left to speak. We have learned how to rely on the faith of others, when our own has seemed so weak. We have learned that life can be dark, it can also be light, but that neither appearance means that your weak. We have also learned how to love greater then what is typically known to man. A love that says I will when you feel like you can't, I love that says I'm not letting go when your only holding on by a thread, a love that says despite were you are, were we have been or even were we will be tomorrow YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!
It is through all these difficult moments during these many years of pain that I had to learn to laugh, when I wanted to cry! This laughter gave birth to a dream; an idea that gave me an outlet for all the lessons I have learned and all the emotions I have felt; We named it... COMMON CONNECTION.
You have seen many of the quotes and t-shirts that have been created simply through my need to find a way to cope, to feel joy, to feel relief.
It is my hope that you will find the same inspiration, encouragement, empowerment and laughter that I have found in creating them.
When your down, when you feel like giving up, when everything seems lost, or when you just need to laugh, join me in my happy place were we, at Common Connection, Encourage, Empower & Inspire, and know your not alone!

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