Online Scavenger Hunt

Common Connection's Online Scavenger Hunt - the Hunt is on!
What We Are Doing

Looking for our lost items.

Why We Are Doing It

It seems we have misplaced some things
on our website.

Who Can Participate

Anyone who loves to win free stuff.

When Do I Participate

The online scavenger hunt will run from the first day of

the month until the last day of the same month.

How Do I Enter?

Just search our site for the missing item.
When you find it, fill out the form below telling us

where you found it.

Your name will be entered into a drawing to be held

at the end of the month.


And the most important question...

What Do I Get?

if I find the missing item?

At the end of the month we will take ALL the correct answers

and put them in a drawing for a

FREE Shirt

worth over $20.00!


Double, Triple, Quadruple your chances!
Share this event with your friends, if they mention your name on the entry form, we will enter your name with theirs!

I Found Your Missing Item!

Let us know where you

found our missing item.

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