Because we believe behind every successful venture is the ability
to multi-task, we have developed a marketplace that does exactly that!

Connecting Those who help by giving with Those who help by doing

TASK 1: Bridge the gap between those who help by doing and those who help by giving

Why are we doing it:

  • We at Common Connection believe there are 2 types of people. Those who want to help others by actively "doing" and those who want to help others by "giving". Together they can impact the lives of many. 

What we do:

  • We provide a creatively designed marketplace that offers merchandise from credible charities, so that those of you, who have a heart for giving, can do so with confidence. 

How we do it:

  • We get personally involved with each of our connected "doers" by participating in events and activities, interacting with volunteers and listening to their heart as they express passion for all they do and all those they help.

Encouraging, Empowering, & Inspiring - Because What you do IS as important as how you live.

 TASK 2: Inspire, encourage, empower & uplift those who need it

Why are we doing it:

  • We at Common Connection believe that no matter what you are going through, there is power in knowing you always have a choice!

         When you feel like crying, choose to laugh.
         When you feel like giving up, choose to keep fighting.
         When you feel like dying, choose to "live".

    What we do:

    How we do it:

    • We take great care in making sure all of our products are designed to meet one of our "i Choose" mottos:   i Choose to Inspire  i Choose to Laugh i Choose to Live  i Choose to Help.

    Connected "Doer" Those who help by working

     TASK 3: Support public service workers and their families.

    Why we do this:

    • It is our way of saying thank you for the countless hours you give, and the commitment, and sacrifice you display to help make our world a better place.
    • We know that behind every dedicated public service worker is a family that supports them. These Spouses, children, parents and grandparents sacrifice, what many of us enjoy most, time with the ones they love.

    What we do:

    • We create and sell merchandise designed specifically for phenomenal occupations that make an effort to better our world everyday. Such as Emergency Medical Services, Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Teachers, Military & more.
    • Note: Due to copywrite restrictions, at this time, we are not able to sell military products on our site. If you would like to support your favorite branch you can visit our shop on CafePress.



    Common Connection Connected Causes

    ✔ TASK 4: Create awareness for illnesses and disabilities that alter peoples lives.

    Why we do it:

    • Simply because we care!

    What we do:

    • We create and sell merchandise designed to raise awareness for life changing illnesses, diseases, disabilities & more.
    • We create and provide free digital downloads for use on your own products.
    • We give back by donating a portion of our sales to Connected "Doers" who raise awareness, do research or offer assistance for these conditions.

    Common Connection Connected Charities

     TASK 5: Give back to charities!

    Why we do it:

    • Because our heart for helping is bigger than what we can do alone!

    What we do:

    • We offer a creatively designed marketplace that offers merchandise from credible charities. 
    • We work with charities to design artwork, merchandise and concepts that displays the heart behind their "doing" at a reduced cost to fit their budget. 
    • We offer Grants towards our services through an application process.
    • We give back by donating a portion of our sales to Connected "Doers" who are actively helping others.

    Common Connection - Connected Giver - logo

    How do we accomplish all of this?

    With the help of ALL of our Connected "Givers"!

    • Connected Business - Business that partner with Common Connection by continuously donating much needed funds and essentials items to one of our Connected "doers". 
    • Connected Artist - Individuals that partner with Common Connection by providing artwork, concepts and products that give back.
    • Connected Consumers - You the customer who partners with Common Connection by purchasing products and helping us provide funding for our amazing Connected "doers".